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New Law! 

Effective 04/30/202020


La. R.S. 32:402.I(F)(2) is hereby suspended through June I5, 2020, to allow for alternative methods of instruction for persons under the age of 18 in the form of remote or distance learning to be determined by and at the direction of the Office of Motor Vehicles. r) 

La. R.S. 32:431.1(8), which provides that no minor may be issued a driver's license or learner's permit for the operation of a motor vehicle unless, at the time of application, documentation is presented to the department that the minor has received a high school diploma or equivalent diploma, is enrolled and attending school, or enrolled and attending a high school equivalency program, is suspended 

Our Instructors are certified though the Department of Public Saftey and Corrections, Office of Motor Vehicals.

Members of The Driving Schools Asso. of Louisiana and The Driving Schools Asso. of the Americas.






Welcome to Metro City Driving Academy


Why wait at the DMV to take your test.  Text here right after your class!




Here at Metro City Driving Academy we are Certified through the Office of Motor Vehicles as Third Party Testers.  




Why Enroll in Metro City Driving Academy Safe Driver Course?

The Metro City Driving Academy Driver Course has given hundreds of drivers the skills and tools they need to drive safely on today’s roads, allowing them to remain independent for many years to come. In fact, 97% of those who take it have zero moving violations recorded. And the best part? We provide all of our students useful information to keep you safe on the road!.


The course is designed to help you:

  • Update driving skills and your knowledge of the rules - and hazards - of the road.
  • Learn about normal age-related physical changes and how to adjust your driving to compensate.
  • Reduce your chances of receiving a traffic violation, getting into an accident, or becoming injured.
  • How to be a Defensive Driver

Highlights of the course:

The Metro City Driving Course is packed with useful information that you can put into practice immediately, including:

  • How to maintain a proper following distance.
  • The safest way to change lanes and make turns at intersections.
  • The effects of medications on driving.
  • Reducing driver distractions such as eating, texting and cell phone use.
  • Download the book for free to pre-study befor coming to class: 


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Where to Find Us:



Baton Rouge
11117 Muriel Ave.

Baton Rouge LA 70816

(225) 239-5057



12231 Jackson Street

Clinton LA 70822

(225) 683-8300

   Download  Class D Drivers Guide for FREE

to pre-study before coming to class: 

What's New:    All students will need the TIP  Temporary Instruction Permit... but not School attendance record until futher notice.                         



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Third Party Testing

To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we give the DMV TEST here at our school and we also offer the Road Skill Test at your convienence.


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