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METRO CITY DRIVING ACADEMY is in the business of making sure that you learn the skill to be a sucessful driver. We care when it comes to the safety of our students while in class and on the road, we want to make sure they take what they have learned with them in their many year to come of driving. Want to find out more about our company? Check out our Reviews on our facebook page:

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Please meet our team below. We look forward to working with you!

Rodeshia Truitt

Instructor - Baton Rouge

Phone: 225 302-1520

Email: metrocityacademy@gmail.com

Jennifer Norton

Instructor - Baton Rouge / Clinton

Phone: 225-683-8300

Email: metrocityacademyclinton@gmail.com

Kesha Hausey

Instructor - Baton Rouge

Phone: 225-239-5057

Email: Metrocityacademy@gmail.com

Haley Porter

Instructor - Clinton

Phone: 225-683-8300

Email: metrocityacademy@gmail.com

Have any questions? 225-239-5057